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Birthdate:May 2, 1983
Location:United States of America


name; Samuel Winchester
nickname(s); Sam, Sammy, bitch, princess, mop-headed lumberjack, gigantor, Sasquatch, grumpy, Sam the Ginormitron, moose, Jolly Green, giraffe,
aliases; Agent Hamill, Robert Singer, David Berkowitz, Detective McCreedy, Father Frehley, Dr. Jerry Kaplan, Deputy Marshal Frank Beard, Detective Dante, Police Chief Phil Jones, Agent Jimmy Page, Detective Bachman, Mr. Raimi, Wedge Antilles, Agent Angus, Agent Tyler, Agent Murdock, Sam Wesson, Agent Roark
age; 28
series; Supernatural
species; human
hair; brown
eyes: green
height: 6'5"-6'6"

skills: firearms proficiency, physical combat, lock-picking, computer hacking, athletic.

┐ [formerly:] visions
┐ [after demon blood only:] telekinesis, silent exorcisms, torturing and killing demons
┐ [general:] immunity to Croatoan virus, unable to be possessed by demons (due to anti-possession tattoo,) is Lucifer's true vessel

inventory: 9mm pistol, 12-gauge shotgun, cell phone, laptop, a handful of fake IDs, salt, holy water.

mun and muse are 18+.

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